How much does it cost to list an item?

Normal pricing for all listings are a flat 99¢.  During promotional periods there may be times when listings are reduced in price or free.

There are no 'final value fees' like on Ebay where you can end up paying 8-12% of the sales price. You may also purchase tokens, which allow you to effectively purchase listings in bulk, from 2-10. This reduces the per listing price by 5-20%, meaning listings cost as little as 80¢ each.

Please note that you will need to register an account to use our site.

We do also offer an Account Verification process, which may make buyers more interested in your items as it does add another layer of security by validating your identity to shoppers.

If you are logged in to your DiamondBistro account, this link should take you directly to the page where you can purchase the account verification:

Otherwise, the link is always available by clicking the "My Account" option after you have logged in and from there along the left-hand side of the screen you will see the "Verify Account" option.

There is a 99¢ charge for the account verification, however this is credited back to your account and can be used to pay for your next listing fee.


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